Nickelback concert Here And Now Tour 2012

Sat, May 5, 2012 at 2:17 PM By: nickelbackwolfgirl

OMG! i want to go to a nickelback concert this year so badly! The closest they will get is Houston Texas on June 2nd. (the day right after my last day of school)
I told/asked my mom and dad if i could go. i said we could go to my grandparents house and spend the night there and my dad could take me to the concert. they both said no:(
then i counted up all my money i have now and what i will have later. 2 tickets cost $91.00
i counted to see what i would have and guess what? I WILL HAVE THE MONEY IN TIME!
so then i told them i would get my money in time for the concert and get the tickets for 2 people (me and a parent).
I try EVERYTHING i can do to see if i can go. the only reason she doesn't want me to go is because goin' to houston will cost a lot of money and she thinks someone will spill beer on me AND, someone will be smoking there and i will breath in the smoke that comes from the cigar (or whatever you call it). I saw non of that is there. i know there's not. they might be drinkin' some beer but no one will spill any on me. and she says "you are most likely to get beer spilled on you than getting attacked by a shark."
i try no matter what. The Nickelback concert means the world to me. Plus, the age restrictions on there says "ALL AGES"
So i'm asking all you Nickelback fans to help me. Tell me what i can tell my mom before it's to late. only 1 month left. If nickelback was reading this i don't know what they would say. but, do yall have any way yall can get me to that concert? it would mean alot to me if it really worked. tell me in a persuasive way that will get me to that Here And Now concert. THANKS!
P.S. if it works, it will all be Here And Now!

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    On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 7:02 PM, plefeavers said:

    I've been to four of their concerts. They do throw beer but only on those close up on the stage and it isn't much. Smoking isn't allowed in the coliseums and if you mean what I think you mean by (cigar) I haven't seen any there. I don't think anyone would spill anything on you. I understand your parents concern about money. It's hard on a parent to make ends meet. So if you can help with the cost I think it would be fine for you to go. I'm 47 yrs. old and a parent. I took my daughter a couple of years ago to one. We had a great time and it was something special to share. I just got back from the one in Atlanta. And it would be fine for a 16 yr. old. Hope this helps. Hope you get to go :) If your parents have anymore questions just send message will be glad to answer.

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