Nickelback vs (Another Band)

Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 10:48 AM By: Sophible

I was looking through channels a few weeks ago when I was at home on Half Term from my studies and I thought "I never seem to see any Nickelback shows on music channels" so I searched Nickelback in the guide.

I came across a music channel which I had never heard of before which was Scuzz TV who was doing a Nickelback vs Stone Sour and they was saying "Tweet who you want to and think who should win this battle", so I followed them and tweeted ofc #TeamChad! NICKELBACK!!! :D even though I had never heard of Stone Sour... I thought no one can beat Nickelback as I love them too much...

Then... others started tweeting... and they all went for Stone Sour saying they was better, my friend backed me by saying #TeamChad but I felt sad!! :(

I was sad at how no one else (apart from my friend) was Nickelback fans from that site...



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