Message to the world.

Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 7:54 AM By: Allie

Open up your eyes take a look at me.
Make this picture fit in your memory.
I am driven my a rhythm, its like the of my heart.
I can't stop until I stand out.

See, some people settle for the typical things,
I won't live my life waiting in the wing.
There are no if's, just a matter of time
before I make my way to the top of the line.

I have to stand out,
above every crowd
even if I have to shout out loud,
until mine is the only face they see,
Gotta stand out until they notice me.

Like Micky Mouse is devoted to getting the cheese,
I am totally devoted to disturbing the peace,
I'd do it all again,
and when I get done,
I will become the number one.

No methods to this madness,
no means to escape.
Gotta break every rule,
I'll bend them all out of shape,
It ain't no question of 'how',
just a matter of when.
You get the message I am trying to send?

All I need is half a chance,
a second thought,
another glance.
I'll prove I have whatever it takes.
its all a piece of cake.

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