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  1. in my findings !

    Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 8:15 AM 0 Comments

    i hope everybody is havin a great fall season ! hopefully i will get to see nickelback in concerts for the first time , when they are in the united states again ! funny thing is , avril is in the states she is commin to my area in pittsburgh ! rock on avril ! as my title states , i have found a site i would like to share , its called . its a site that carries all of...

  2. new findings !

    Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 6:42 AM 0 Comments

    hope everybody has had a great summer , sad to see it go , but a fun holiday is just around the corner . in my great findings on the internet ! i have come across a site that sells the older concerts of nickelbacks on dvd that are very hard to find , the ones when nickelback first started ! when i get the link for these dvds i will be more then happy to share . in the mean time if you cant wait...

  3. saw the billboard awards .

    Sat, May 25, 2013 at 2:03 PM 1 Comments

    just curious when is nickelback gonna recieve a reward for here an now . they got my vote hands down . i hope chad an avrils ratings in their music dont go down , because they are together . if anything , they should sky rocket . if you got any good ideas about videos or t shirts , message me an i will get back to you . i am always lookin for new interviews they have an see where i can get any...

  4. nickelback rocks !

    Sat, May 18, 2013 at 7:44 AM 0 Comments

    i got to see the rock avril is sporting on access hollywood by chad ! i just hope she doesnt break his heart like the last one. i know the here an now tour is gonna be in rio . im lookin to build my collection of dvd"s an music . any suggestions will be greatly appreciated . believe it or not the only cd i have is here an now . my friend bought it for me . i dont own a stereo . i listen to...

  5. finally its spring !

    Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 12:05 PM 2 Comments

    anybody who wants to send me a link to thre facebook page on my friends list i would like that alot . my name on my timeline is robin renee kaufman . if anybody is curious i am still selling avon . im hopin if nickelback comes to ohio again , i will acctually get to see them . iwill be gettin a new stereo , hopefully the radio stations will be givin away tickets . i know they just had a tour...

  6. i wish i could be in rio !

    Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 5:29 AM 2 Comments

    how is everybody today ? hope all is going well for every body ! its totaly awesome the band will be expanding their tour in rio . i wish them all the continued success from all there fans . as i speak for all of us . i just wish they made more female merchandice you could earn points for . hopefully 2013 will be a great year . im hoping i will be in a relationship , an get to finnaly see...

  7. hope everybody is havin a beautifull day . i know its beautifull around this area where im at in ohio . at least for now . it is still winter . my reason for getting rid of my facebook account , is that i was hacked into . hopefully for nickelback .com my account here an everyone elses is safe . im eventually gonna make another facebook account , but im just stayin away from facebook , because...

  8. hope everybody is havin a great 2013 . if you are one of my friends an have a facebook profile , i would like to add you as one of my friends on facebok ! hope to see you on my friends list . my name is robin renee kaufman .

  9. anybody my age or older !

    Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 6:52 PM 2 Comments

    i want to start by sayin i hope all of you have a great thanksgiving . in my persuit of finding friends on this site , i would like to say it is easier for me to be friends with people my own age on here , i can just relate better . i just turned 43 yesterday . an someone my age im sure would understand . so anybody in their 40"s on this site or older then me can friend request me , i will be...

  10. state your age

    Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 12:00 PM 0 Comments

    for starters ! i hope everybody is havin an awesome day ! i want to start by saying , it should be mandatory for every member to state their age on this site , simply because it makes sense ! it is very hard for someone my age to make friends with people on this site , simply because alot of minors are on this site , but there is also alot of people my age on here too , but because half the...


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