Music Is My Life...

Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 6:37 AM By: Gutta

Hmm today perhaps a bit more precisely I will tell you … about myself :D. What you to it?
I am coming from Poland and I am 13 years old. Everything what here I am writing is being explained with the electronic dictionary, so as something badly is translated it is not a my fault :D

And so … of the Musician is generally entire with my life. There is no hour so that something doesn't tumble down from loudspeakers. :D mainly (actually always ^^) it is Nickelback team. Oh I adore … of it. Particularly Chad Kroeger ;) he has an uncanny voice and is lovely. Even though so correctly like recently I showed removing him friends, stated that they didn't want to know my husband. Haha :D oh well everyone has … one's style ^^
For the first time I heard this … team when I sat in the room and I read the book. On television VIVA flew. and suddenly I heard this miraculous … vote I raised my head and I saw him! God which beautiful!, I thought.
I will add that she was it is a song "Lullaby"
So correctly I fascinated it oneself with this team only some 3-4 months ago. Quite recently. However at once she grew the team to love and after two weeks I already had their first slab "Here And Now". I buy this disc on spec so correctly. I knew only around three songs :D
I listened to this plate non-stop. Later I switched to You Tube, since I wanted to get to know more works.
When I learnt that "my How You Remind" was a Nickelback song, more I still fell in love with this team. For ages I adored this song, but never came to my mind in order to check who is singing it.
Later the friend of my dad matched the entire NB discography for me. so I already know all works: D
Altogether I have as many as three plates:
- "Side Silver Up"
- "Dark Horse"
- "Here And Now"
I love the music. I adore. I am idolising. She is entire with my … life
At one time I played the … classical guitar but after the year I stated …, that lessons didn't interest me. They were boring …
Recently I got the scholarship. (so correctly it I learnt about it yesterday!): D
I have now PLN 1200 for using to the different equipment helping with school. The guitar is also having itself.
I am going so then again to enrol somewhere in the guitar and to buy an electric guitar. From the same company what Chad has: D that is Paul of Smith Roadsteads. Of course on some will suffice me. They are so what cost a few one hundreds, but also so what the PLN costs 14 000. Hahaha :D it will be necessary to earn :)
A bit I wrote at length;)
See You :D


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    Awesome! :D

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