Chapter twelve, Bottoms up.

Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 12:12 PM By: Hazard90

This is the twelfth part,
Read the eleventh part HERE

Today is the day we're going to the Nickelback concert. I'm pretty excited to witness something like this for the first time! Finally going to see my girl enjoy to the max on something she likes the most. First we went to visit The Wembley Stadium, we took a nice tour in there and god what an experience it was!! That was freaking awesome!!
But the tour ended faster then we expected so we took off to the Mac D, which was just 5 minutes from there I believe. As soon as we entered the Mac, all where we looked we saw Nickelback fans. Everybody was talking about the concert and how thrilled they where. We where getting pumped as well and we couldn't wait till the doors would open and we could get inside.
Not so much later we where inside the Wembley Arena. What an awesome location that is people!! We got a spot on the standing ground with a beer in our hands and not much later the lights faded. Time for Daughtry to hit the show!
And what an awesome performance and the show was cool as well. Although I didn't knew that much about Daughtry and the songs, my girl was rocking her ass off already!! But just when I got in the right mood and I was rocking along the act ended and the lights went on. The quick interval gave us the time for a cigarette outside.
After the interval we found a good spot again and we were ready to rock on the band which this is all about!! NICKELBACK!!!! They started playing, and although I didn't know that many songs, I still knew a lot of them. What a show did they come up with and my girl was shining! I've never ever seen her like this before, so happy, singing along and jumping up and down on the beats. We certainly had a great time and off course, when you're having a great time, time flies as we all know. Before we knew it, the time had come to say goodbye, goodbye! So we took our stuff and went outside. Still enjoying it to the max we got in to the tube on our way to our hotel.
This was it worth for me! All the stress of setting the things in to the right places, organizing everything to get my girl to Nickelback and off course the satisfaction from the concert at the Wembley Arena!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs!!!

Will post one more blog with all the stories in it, so you can read the whole story at once if you like!!

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    thats a real nice ending :)

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