In retrospect: Happy 2nd Anniversary to @Nickelbackers!

Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 11:20 PM By: pauupu

I remember those times when "@Nickelback" used to talk with fans, a.k.a Twitterbacks on Twitter. 2010. Thanks to that space I met amazing people, and one of my best friends, my fellow Caro, the other chilean fan besides me who talked with NB there.

And it was in a Sunday afternoon of May 2011 when I told her and Gise (a Argentinian friend) about my great idea: an space (webpage) for Twitterbacks made by Twitterbacks! The speech was a sort of "we are not just a tweet, we are fans, we are people and we have life experiences". Nickelback united us and now it's time to show them who we were. And all started... opened in July, the day 9. We collected 20 stories from Twitterbacks around the world. The webpage (an edited Tumblr haha) included a blog with our personal stories as fans, good fan memories and fan stuff like poems and facts. For us, Caro, Gise and I, it was our chance to show the band that South American fans were waiting for them.

Nickelback was very flattered for sure. I remember getting a tweet back saying "thanks" and other things. Huge "fan girl moment" haha.

And then, three days later we started on Twitter and the craziness started. Our first name was "twitbackfamily" in abbreviation to the name of our space, but later that year we became Nickelbackers, thanks to a poll made with followers.

What began as a little space for those Twitterbacks, became a source for Nickelback fans around the world. I always wanted to be a journalist (BTW I'm studying Journalism now), so that space were perfect to start posting all stuff about the band: news, pictures, facts, related tweets, all in first hand. If Nickelback were doing a concert, Nickelbackers were covering all details about. Fan projects? Of course! The Birthday projects for each member became very popular we got a lot of feedback. We even talked and laughed about all the madness about the band... Nickelbackers style!

During all this time, NBers grew up very fast. We don't even figured out how the time passed. The band knew the space very well: when we met them in April 2012 we talked about the page and it was simply amazing!

And so we celebrated our first year...

In August 2012, in the eve of their European tour and new single, we continued seeking the latest stuff, as always. Their third music video (for Here and Now) "Trying Not To Love You" was just taped and we were waiting patiently for it release. But Nickelbackers discovered it first.

Yep, we did it and we were just fans looking for news, but it was (kinda) scary! Can you imagine ruining the "video premiere" of your favorite band? We almost thought Nickelback could blame on us. But it was the opposite.

The band started following us on Twitter and they wrote us in a good way, telling all their fans that they must follow us! Nuts! Click HERE to see that tweet!

These days the band followed us were very intense. Chavril out into the world, they began their European tour and was even my birthday. We really feel very fortunate that they saw our work. But as people say "good things never last" and they unfollowed us LOL. November 2012. But don't confuse it. Their Twitter is only a means and we are there for the band, to strengthen their fan base and make more funny being a fan of them.

In those days Chad Kroeger turned 38 and we celebrated as well... The CK Birthday project was huge! Do you remember? WATCH!

And what about the Ryan Peake Birthday Project? He saw it and thanked us! WATCH IT HERE!

Many things and only two years.

Only two years, where we only dreamed seeing Nickelback in South America and now it's becoming reality. Two years since "Here and Now" was only seven tracks, and now they are thinking of doing a new record. Two years enough to meet amazing friends and lots of contacts. We even met Nickelback and saw them for very first time in USA.

Two years enough for feeling proud of being a Nickelback fan and having an amazing space as Nickelbackers. This changed my life in a way.

Mention to my friend Caro, who is the best! And my fellow collaborator.

Mention to our friends who started with us on Twitterback Family and all people who follow us and help us as well . Another mention to my people in Nickelbackers Chile, to Juan Pablo, who works with me there. Great space for my gente.

And HUGE mention to Nickelback and the Nickelback crew. You made it possible! This is for you!!

You don't know who we are?
FOLLOW US on Twitter!
And we are on Instagram too!

By our side, we will continue doing our best.

See you at the show!

  1. trueblue avatar

    On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 10:42 AM, trueblue said:

    you guys are great! always the newest stuff and respectful (that I love) and don't feel bad they unfollowed everyone that they had been now only dan,avril and bradlee do they follow, but I bet they still check on you guys when they have the time, hugs

  2. FrankieBug avatar

    On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 1:34 AM, FrankieBug said:

    that's so cool! :)

  3. pauupu avatar

    On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 11:27 PM, pauupu said:

    P.S: excuse my poor english! Haha

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