Nickelback 2013 tour plans: what we can expect?

Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 9:18 PM By: pauupu

I can't believe how fast has passed this year, and with so many memories, only you need to check the super contest to see how many happy faces did Nickelback during the last tour.

Tomorrow is new's year eve and we only can think of that amazing moment of this year, during a Nickelback concert, and for sure, think about to see them back in tour.

So, what we can expect from Nickelback in 2013?

When they started planning the "Here And Now" tour they talked about doing two legs for North America. After many tweets from @Nickelback and some interviews, there's no certain info about what they are doing in the U.S and Canada for now.

But don't worry, the 2012 North American leg gave them 34 millions with a total audience of 492.000 people. They are already inside the Top 50 of Year's Tour Tour in the U.S

LINK: Top 3 Canadian Touring Acts of 2012

After this, we can be certain of they are working in new tour dates, indeed.

Their success during the European tour 2012 has encouraged them to re book a second leg in summer festivals, probably. A tough bet after the infamous portuguese festival where they were booed by the audience. Now, after ten years, many experiencies and huge crowds, they can dedice very well what to do with fans out there.

And the lately named, South America, South Africa and S.W Asia. Well, it seems that the European tour was a test to see their internationaly success. I think this was a turning point to decide explore new markets.

All those 2013 rumours started when Mike gave an interview to Rock em Geral about new projects and about going to Brazil this next year (EXTRACT):

Interviewer: Drummers and bassits always love Rush. Any plans of playing in Brazil?

Mike: Absolutely, we'll be in Brazil in 2013. We must book until end of the year, we're going to Australia, New Zealand, Japan and maybe China or another place. But then, in 2013, we'll performing live there.

Interviewer: Do you have any idea about dates, if will be during the first half or second half?

Mike: Honestly, we don't know excacty when will happen. Neither we have these details on plans.

LINK: Complete interview with Mike on Rock em Geral


Social networking on new markets

If you check into their Facebook, the highest number of fans come from Sao Paulo, Brazil. When Bryan Coleman, their tour manager, was interviewed by CelebrityAccess early this year, he talked about Facebook and Twitter as one of his highest references in considering South America (EXTRACT):

How about a South American tour for Nickelback in 2013?

Absolutely, South America in 2013. We have so many fans there. Honestly our Facebook and Twitter lights up from South America begging us to come down. We have had a couple of opportunities and the timing just hasn�¢??t worked right. It�¢??s a huge priority for us to get to South America and South Africa as well.

Surely, Nickelback has played in Mexico.

No. We will do Mexico as well. We will do Mexico City. But really, it is about getting to Brazil.

(C'mon! Going to Brazil is so 90's, open your eyes, Coleman! Lollapalooza is killing in Chile, everyone are coming here...)

LINK: Complete interview with Bryan Coleman on

LINK: Nickelback 'likes' on Facebook: Brazilian fans kicking ass!

We don't need to be surprised about the power of social networking, it's the objective and the band must take advantage to discover all the new markets through this spaces (and they did it!).

If you're a hard die Nickelback, you may experienced their success on Twitter. I remember asking them about coming to Chile in 2011, and then in many other opportunity, as many South American fans.

Twitter became to us in our channel to know them how much we want to see their tour. Maybe you could remember those tweets about doing meetings to plan a tour for Latin and South America.

LINK: South America and Europe "in the works" by @Nickelback on Twitter

LINK: Chad Kroeger talking about South America during the #NBLIVEQA

What about talking about their Russian fans? Their fanbase on was huge enough to show them how they were expecting a tour in that country. +50k fans and counting.

And if you didn't know, was in Russia when fans asked to Daniel about further plans. What did he answered? South America, South Africa and Asia.

Check this out: Daniel in St. Petersburg taking about Central and South America

Beyond all those tips and little facts, there's more. In one of the last interview of Mike for an Australian site, he insisted on coming to South America, and going finally to South West Asia and South Africa. Places never visited before by them.

We are starting to look back at back to the studio. Also, we are looking at doing some touring next year through some places we haven't been â?? South Africa, South America, Central America, some of the more fringe markets in the East Bloc. It's going to be really interesting.

Mike Kroeger.

LINK: Complete interview with MaxTV


From the other side

Why Nickelback never visited South America/Africa/South West Asia? They, of course, will must answer that question to many people out here. I'll ask them also.

For those years a famous chilean interviewer asked to Mike about coming in here... They had many success during the 00's. They sold many records, and also have record label in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, the principal markets. This behind all success with "How You Remind Me" and the other tunes (including Photograph, oh please!) But we don't know yet the true reason why they never came.

A issue from producers? Maybe. What about fans doing campaigns, or something? Unless in Chile I never knew something about fan clubs until past year. So perhaps there wasn't huge fan involvement, you know, we aren't Bieber fans or something. Before social networking success of Nickelback, there wasn't a connection in here. Sad story.

And personally, I'm so grateful of social networking to give me the opportunity to show them how much we want to see the band in South America, and not only that...

Thanks to @Nickelbackers I've had the opportunity of doing many things, and one of those was on talking to many interesting people. Almost confidential information, but I'm glad to tell you from firsthand that there are people working for Nickelback in my country, I mean, there are producers interested on bringing Nickelback to Chile, and I've been part of this, so I'm so proud and well, we're trying at least... *top secret*

So, again, what we can expect from Nickelback in 2013? Let the tour starts again!

P.S: Excuse my poor English.

  1. Eve avatar

    On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 7:56 AM, Eve said:

    Love your writing Pauupu. I'm expecting NB to hit South America in 2013!!

  2. Lucy Amelia Hallwell avatar

    On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 7:53 AM, Lucy Amelia Hallwell said:

    so is there chances of coming back to England to perform then>

  3. Sophie avatar

    On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 6:05 AM, Sophie said:

    WOW! Great job! And your english is very good... ;-)

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