Introspection Depth

Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 4:40 PM By: Sound Control 8

Some reference of thought inside of night time sleeping dreams. When I wake from a dream most of the time while I dream I can remember my dreams, but I would like to know the subconscious beginning images of my dreams from where they begin. A proposed thought I heard in school was that we might actually dream about the past, present, and future inside of one nights' night time sleeping dream. Though I think my dreams provide the dream images of when I am in the present learning of the future significance of the present state of my night time sleeping dreams based on the lessons learned from the past. There are some ideas which could be funny when I think about maybe trying to learn how to build or make my own guitar. Try to laugh only a little, but I used to believe that I would be electrocuted if I touched an electric guitar. Not funny, because later that day I was shocked from a hand shake for the first time when only 6. Not fully equipped to explain how I think I might survive a night time sleeping dream when needing to set up for a concert technically for those musicians when I have never completed a concert set up technically before. Similar to thinking the ball was dropped when owning the losing move in high school sports inside of my might time sleeping dreams where some fears we face in life daily are compassionately dealt with or encountered with challenging what might mock us inside of our night time sleeping dreams. There is also the collection of thoughts I lost while traveling with the winds blowing through the trees. While referencing those various thoughts comparing life value with life lessons value and with actual nature life value surrounded inside of daily art symbolically woven as freely as our minds communicate, or with some compassion for tending to those thoughts inside of our minds before sharing our intended messages. If I were to spin the wheel specifically designed inside of my night time sleeping dream, when the content level might wake me some, but allows for me to own the memory of dreaming about this dream now turned into a fantasy, how could there be any control of the direction of my night time sleeping dream freely in which now I am awake, or was my mind wanting me to be awake? Dream control how, when some dreams we own can be achieved, while other dreams are achieved regardless of the outcome or control value of the dream?

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    On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 9:06 AM, rocker101 said:

    I heard somewhere we dream 3 or 4 times in one night, we just forget most of them.

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