I Love Nickelback, how my music life was changed

Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 7:02 AM By: penguin284

My music life changed when I first heard Nickelback on the radio, and it started from there. Before I ever heard them , I was listening to random small-time artists and it took me forever to find a SONG I liked, most of their albums were of songs i didn't like. They are good, just my personal opinion speaking. When I first heard Nickelback, I thought, I like this song ,who are these guys. Then I learned that it was Nickelback and I looked through a bunch of CD's and found the ones that I like. I love almost all of their songs. They are truly an amazing band!!! Now I still listen to random small artists, but whenever I get bored with them, I listen to Nickelback! Luv u guys!! : ) <3

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