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Daniel Patrick Adair (born February 19, 1975 Vancouver) is a Canadian drummer, percussionist, and producer. He is best known for his work with Nickelback and his previous work with 3 Doors Down. He also works with the Canadian band Suspect and the instrumental fusion band Martone.

Daniel often uses the quote "The harder you work, the luckier you get."

Born and raised in Vancouver, Daniel Adair began playing drums at the age of 13. His father was also a drummer and had a set of 1967 Ludwigs in storage, which Daniel decided to set up one day. Later that day after watching some drummers in music videos and listening to Hemispheres by Rush, he heard music differently for the first time and decided that he had to learn how to drum like that. He soon became obsessed with drums, air drumming in his room all night and playing along to albums all day. He continued to self teach himself until the age of 22 influenced by Neil Peart, John Bonham, Tim 'Herb' Alexander, Lars Ulrich, and Vinnie Paul Abbott, among many others. Contrary to popular belief he was not self-taught.

Daniel soon established himself in Vancouver as a reputable studio and live drummer after spending many years performing for local bands in the nastiest bars in East Vancouver to 5-Star Resorts in Whistler. During this time he also spent lots of late nights in studios, often with little or no sleep, acquiring the valuable asset of singing both lead and backup while drumming all while playing with 3-4 working bands, teaching 15 drum students a week and managing a music store full-time.

During this busy time Daniel auditioned for a guitarist by the name of David Martone, a Berklee College of Music graduate, who was looking to start an instrumental fusion band. Soon this new band by the name 'Martone' began to record its first album in 1999. Daniel says that, "David was and still is the greatest guitarist I've ever worked with. Since then we've created lots of exciting, challenging instrumental fusion music together. David's music helped me push the limit with my playing, and he's been a large influence and inspiration to me. My playing had matured, and I quickly jumped into some great gigs in town."

In the Summer of 2002, Daniel had the opportunity to audition for and secure the job as the touring and studio drummer for the multi-platinum, Mississippi based band 3 Doors Down. During his time with the band he recorded the studio album 'Seventeen Days' and live album 'Another 700 Miles', toured 14 countries and had multiple TV appearances.

In January 2005, Daniel left 3 Doors Down to join the Canadian band Nickelback. k. Seven months later they released the album 'All the Right Reasons' which has been his biggest success as it debuted at #1 on the Billboard and they continue to support a world tour after multiple successful singles. During his time with Nickelback, Daniel has also appeared on albums and performed with Theory of a Deadman, Bo Bice, Martone, Thornley, Faber Drive and Lynyrd Skynyrd. He is currently touring with Dave Martone. The follow-up album to Nickelback's multi-platinum All the Right Reasons is called Dark Horse. The first single, "Gotta Be Somebody", was released on September 29 in North America, while the album's release is currently set to November 18, 2008. The album is produced by famed producer, Mutt Lange.

Now they have released here and now.

Daniel adair is the coolest drummer ever

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    i admire the way he plays the drums. the flow and the techniques which he uses are flawless
    he is one of the best guys

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    Where did you get all this information?

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    Yeah, he absolutely is one of the best drummers. He's a real enrichment for Nickelback =)=)=)

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