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Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 3:56 PM By: foxxy076

I'm really getting tired of all the ill comments and negativity against Nickelback! Why can't people find other ways to channel their energy besides picking on a band who does what they do for a living because they love it!! Maybe if these people would channel their hate in more positive ways, like help saving the planet, helping out countries with no food, water, or clothing, or maybe just stepping back for a moment and taking a look in the mirror to figure out why trying to destroy a band's image is so important to them to feed their self hate for themselves, the world would be a much better place! These people to me are missing something in their lives. My point is stopping hating and find something better else to do with your time! Nickelback gives alot back to their fans! That's more than I can say about most other artists out there! If you don't like them, fine! But no one cares about your stupid remarks about a band you don't even know on a personal level! Can't always believe what you read and see! I really don't care about Nickelback's personal life and what they do out of the spot light! That's their personal space. All I can say is for them to keep rockin" and making great music!

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  1. So what's up??!!

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