Nickelback are definitely "back"!

Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 9:24 AM By: Shaun94

Some may have thought that Nickelback has begun to turn away from their roots with the release of Dark Horse, featuring less raw music with the polished shine on Mutt Lange's work coming through.
There were still the instant favorites such as "Gotta be Somebody" and "Burn it to the Ground" but songs such as "Just to get high" and "Shakin Hands" seemed to fade into the past, Nickelback seemingly unhappy with them as they did not feature on many tours.

However, with the release of "Here and Now" comes the complete satisfaction that Nickelback give with every song whether it be the racey "Midnight Queen" or the gentle rock song and quite possibly, number 1 hit in many countries to come, "Lullaby". I for one can clearly say that I am looking forward to sitting back and relaxing to the whole "Here and Now" album for the next few years, plus the chance to seem them on tour makes it that extra special.

It's clear to me though, that the raw, energizing Nickelback is certainly back where they belong

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