It's been busy!!!

Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 6:14 PM By: AshleyPurdyFan

It's been so busy for while! But now I think it's starting (sorta) to down. And the unthinkable happened last and this week!! Last week my mp3 player broke and I'm going menately insane!! My mp3 has a slider power button and when I went to turn it off the top broke completly off!! the bottom half is still there but not the top half!! I had to use a mechanical pencil to turn it off. The actual button inside the "shield" still there, the top half of the "shield" broke off.... This week, (as in Friday mostly) I gave blood for the very first time!!!!! The only hard part was the water, I don't like regualler water but love flavored-Anyway- I signed up the day of got to give on the day of. I was terrified! I am like deathly afriad of needles and gave blood for the first time! My school had a pep rally and got out early (from jvs) to go to the pep rally for homecoming. And I got into the van with my mom (who picks me up daily) and saw the green wrap and asked what I did and I told her that I gave blood and was sooo happy! I'm soo doing it when I can and at the next drive at jvs. And I even get to find out what blood type I have.

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