Nickelback Poem(:

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 2:35 PM By: The Drummer Girl

I just thought I'd write a little poem about the best band in the world!! I hope you guys like it.

Can words describe how much love one can have for a band?
I am not trying to sound cheesy, but in a way, I'm sure everyone has thought through this first-hand.
When you hear the chanting chorus of 'If Everyone Cared' you immediately want to gather up all of your life savings and donate to all of those in need.
I'm pleading, asking you, tell me another band that can make someone do something like that?
Not many.

They don't take shots at other bands.
They don't try to take a stand in the music industry, stating they're the best of the best.
Music is like a test taken by people, so why try to cheat your way through it?
Autotunes and other 'washed up singers' writing all your songs isn't something to be proud of.

They aren't well known just because of criticism,
No, they're well known for being f*cking fantastic live and in the studio
And that they aren't like other bands who slab something down to the world and call it music.
No makeup, No flashy clothing, and No crying sham at this band because they are great at what they do and they are going to keep rocking no matter what.

I am here, as a fan, to say that I am proud to be a supporter (Or a squealing fan girl) of Nickelback behind millions of other great people.
Since 96 and still in the running!
I hope this band lasts for a lifetime.

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