Geale Vs Mundine

Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 4:53 PM

Let me tell you all all a story in the land down under...

There once was an athlete called Anthony Mundine. He started his career as a rugby league player (a type of football code here) and then switched over to boxing. He then proceeded to make a career out of fighting boxers past their prime, so his score card looks quite impressive. He then proceeded to make divisive, racist and inflammatory comments and managed to alienate 99% of the population, including his own indigenous aboriginal race, of which he claims to be passionate.

Mundine then challenged Daniel Geale, the current IBF & super middleweight champion, also of aboriginal descent. And then he started. He claimed Geale was "too white" because his wife and children were not aboriginal. (it should be noted Mundine's mother is also white). Geale responded like a true gentleman- he didn't bother.

The fight was set for Wednesday 30 Jan. Aussies glued to their tv's and pub screens around the country to watch Geale beat Mundine. It was not the knockout we were all hoping for but Geale absolutely kicked his ass in an unanimous points decision and also had to defend against Mundine's tactics-head butts, behind the head punches and elbows.

The aftermath? Mundine mouthed off about being 'ripped off'.
Geale was excited because his daughter was starting her first day of school and he couldn't wait to take her.

Congratulations Daniel Geale. You do your race and country proud.

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