Sometimes Insanity can inspire Creativity before it begins its usual self-destructive bent...

Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 3:30 PM

Oh, still not sure I understand, however. Been suffering from insanity as usual unfortunately. Don't actually know you, Chad--probably won't this lifetime. Actually not sure I even want to meet you in this 57 year-old body (as with you, at 37 I was physically at the height of my looks); but it's not even your looks that have anything to do with the way I feel about you (as you no doubt) know. It's the way you write and what you write and how you and your dear musical friends deliver it that finds my heart lost with desire. I got screwed even more than usual this last time. Lost my new Sony CD Player and headphones, my cell phone, may have lost my TV (not sure). Some people just sense that I'm vulnerable and close in for the kill. I'm hopefully learning that lesson in full this time so I won't have to financially reinvent the wheel again. Also lost all my CDs & DVD Player--gave them away. Just hate psychosis! But adore your new hair. You keep having it done in more and more flattering ways. To my mind, that reflects the way you've begun feeling about yourself now (and rightfully so). Just kindly know that I'll always love you for what you alone made of yourself; and when I get another player and Nickelback CDs again, nobody gets them this time! Love, Maggie Ringland.

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